The Family War - Winning The Inheritance Battle

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The Family War In The Media

Green Bay Press Gazette

What You Need To Know About Estate Disputes

Jean Peerenboom

"The Family War: Winning the Inheritance Battle. What You Need to Know About Estate Disputes": Wills and estate lawyers Jordan M. Atin, Barry Fish and Les Kotzer wrote the book because money and death can do strange things to families.

"We have seen our share of tragic family inheritance battles," Kotzer said. "Sometimes, it is over a home, business or cottage. Other times, it is over mom's personal possessions or dad's baseball card or coin collection. We believe that as more and more boomers — many of them spenders who have lots of debt — inherit from their Depression-era parents — many of them savers — there will be many more families at war."

The book looks at warning signs that a family war might erupt, how to challenge a will, how to defend a will, and how to protect yourself if you are an executor. For information, check out

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