Media Requests - The Family War - Winning The Inheritance Battle

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Media Requests For Interviews and Call-in Appearances
with Jordan Atin or Les Kotzer

The authors have appeared as regular guests on radio and television call-in shows across North America including KGO (ABC affiliate) San Francisco, the Jim Bohannon radio show on Westwood One, CFRB radio in Toronto, CITY TV's 'Breakfast Television' and 'Moneyline' on Rogers TV. Les has also been featured in several newspapers. For Les in the print media (click here).

A video message to the media (click here).

If you would like to speak to Jordan or Les about an interview or about appearing on your call-in show they can be reached at 1-877-439-3999 or by email at

If you are writing a newspaper or magazine story on Wills, Power of Attorney, inheritance disputes, etc. Les would be pleased to talk with you .

See Les Kotzer's appearance on
Fox & Friends (Fox Network's morning program) (click here)

Read the transcript from Les' appearance on CNN's
'Dollar Signs' (click here)

What The Media Has To Say About Les Kotzer

I originally invited lawyer/author Les Kotzer on my talk show because he is one of the most quoted legal sources on the avoidance of family fighting over inheritance. Les is a wonderful guest and his topic of avoiding family fights over inheritance hits a nerve with listeners. The topic touches so many people. It is great talk radio. My show's phone lines were very busy during Les' hour. After the show I received so many listener e-mails thanking me for having Les on and requesting that he be on again. I can honestly tell you that nobody addresses the topic of families and inheritance with more sensitivity, compassion or understanding than Les Kotzer. My listeners loved him. We will have him back often.

John Rothmann
ABC affiliated KGO Newstalk 810 San Francisco

Just a quick note to let you know what a great guest Les Kotzer was on my Network show last weekend! He was informative, energetic and really struck a
resonant chord with my listeners. I haven't had many guests in the past 7 years who've generated more feedback. The volume of e-mails and phone calls in the days after our interview was impressive. Les presents the issue of wills and avoiding family fights with a very effective mixture of compassion and knowledgeable energy. No one listening is made to feel stupid or incomplete because they are insufficiently organized for their demise, quite the contrary, Les makes people feel comfortable and interested about the
need to secure their futures. I highly reccommend Les to my colleagues in talk radio, and I look forward to having him on my show again as a return guest. Good book too!

Stirling Faux
The Corus Radio Network

Thank you for being a guest on Holder Overnight. It was a pleasure to have you on the air to talk about estate planning and to share some of the insights in your book The Family Fight: Planning To Avoid It.

A lot of people always wait to the last minute to deal with these issues and of course as you know, the last minute is way too late. Hopefully what you had to say on the air will get many in our audience thinking about how these issues can be handled ahead of time to resolve any issues that might come up later.

I can see how a book like yours would be helpful to the general public and I have no doubt that it will be a success.

Respectfully yours,
Peter Anthony Holder
Host, Holder Overnight



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